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Roth IRA

Have You Considered a Roth IRA ?

A Roth IRA can be a very beneficial tool as a part of your overall long-term and retirement investment strategy.  Basically, a Roth IRA consists of after-tax contributions into a separate Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Once the contributions have been made, the growth of the investment will not be taxed again, subject to certain limitations on withdrawals prior to age 59 ½.  In addition, the funds can be transferred to your named beneficiary without any tax consequences.  Also, you may defer distributions from a Roth IRA past the age of 70 ½.


We believe that a Roth IRA can be a very powerful tool in your overall long-term and retirement investment plan.  However, there are some restrictions, and it does not fit every situation.  As a part of working with us, we’ll analyze your economic environment and long-term goals to determine whether a Roth IRA will work in your individual situation.