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403(b) Plan Help

We can help you manage your 401(k) or 403(b) Retirement Plan or help you Rollover to an IRA.

We are financial advisors who have been working with 403(b) Plan Participants for over 16 years. During this time, we’ve come to understand many of the challenges and hopes of those who work in Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, Local School Districts, Hospitals, and other non-profit organizations. 

Common concerns about your financial environment may include:

  • Which options to choose when it comes to your retirement plan.
  • How can I protect myself if the market drops again?
  • Will I have enough savings and investments to support my current lifestyle when I retire, and how long will it last?
  • State or local retirement plans that start at age 65, when you plan to end your career and retire much earlier.
  • Too many investment choices available to you – “Which ones should I be using?”
  • The cost of providing health insurance after you retire, but before you qualify for Medicare.
  • Questions concerning risks such as Long Term Care – to provide for the possibility of health care challenges later in life.
  • The possibility that your state or local pension may be underfunded, and potentially at risk.

If you currently work for an organization that offers a 403(b) Plan, you may have choices that we believe can help you take greater control of your financial future and may help you to improve the performance of your portfolio.  Plus, with our experience, we can help you and tailor a retirement income plan that best meets your individual needs and requirements. 

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With no obligation on your part, we’re happy to meet with you, arrange for a personalized web session, or send you some additional information. Submit the question form to contact us and arrange for the next step that best fits your needs.