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LTC Planning - Quotes

Planning is learning

Planning for potential long-term care needs is sometimes "left on the back burner" because we may not want to think about a time when we might need help. Often times, our first experience with long-term care is when a friend or loved one needs care. We can help you learn what's important.

Planning helps you understand and manage the risks

Have you considered the risk and possible financial impact of you or a family member needing Long Term Health Care?

Each of us has defining relationships in our lives. They may be with our parents, our siblings, our spouses, our children, or our friends and colleagues. And we have relationships with our own futures. We think of them as relationships because they mean something to us – and we are committed to them. These relationships can be affected when a health change occurs and we take an active role in someone else’s care needs.

Why consider LTC Planning?

  • To protect savings and assets
  • To provide choices of care
  • To stay at home as long as possible
  • To be able to afford quality care
  • To avoid relying on Medicaid
  • To protect family and friends and avoid becoming a burden

With our resources, we can help you compare all of your options. 

Call us at 800-466-3570 or e-mail us using the form at right to request free quotes on LTC insurance.